Before you can be married we do have to get some of the legalities out of the way.

The minimum time you are able to have your ceremony from when we do the paperwork is one month and one day.

If you were born in Australia then you will need to provide a full birth certificate. If you do not have one you can obtain one from Births, Deaths and Marriages in your state or territory of birth. Photo ID, such as an Australian passport or driver’s licence is also required.

If you have been married before and you have divorced or your partner is deceased, then you will need to supply documental evidence.

If you were born outside Australia and are not a resident of Australia your passport is acceptable, if you are a resident then a birth certificate is required. If that is not possible there are other options to reach the requirement that we can discuss.

If your documents are not in English it must be translated. If you require this service please contact

Neither of you have to be Australian citizens to marry in Australia. A non-citizen being married in Australia may not necessarily be granted residency. This is a matter for the Immigration Department.